How PDI Utilities could potentially offer water mains installations at NIL cost to you… before it’s too late!

Water charges are changing in 2020. This will all take place in April and will affect all new housing developments. Where self-lay projects are concerned, it is intended that water asset payments will be replaced with significantly reduced water infrastructure charges. This is the direction of OfWat (the economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales) as a way of levelling the playing field for all WIRS registered companies.

It is still possible to benefit from PDI delivering water mains at NIL cost to you on future sites if you act now! Here’s how it works…

Usually, when new water supplies are installed under a self-lay agreement the host water company provides an asset payment on adoption of the water main. By claiming and retaining the asset payment PDI can usually deliver the water main at Nil cost to you. (Subject to sites of 10 plots minimum)

Obtaining a quote is easy… Simply send the water company’s Terms and Conditions that detail the water asset payment along with, the water company design layout to our Business Development Manager, Carys. Please allow three weeks for us to process your quotation and don’t forget that all jobs will need to be accepted before the water charges change in April next year. We look forward to hearing from you.