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We specialise in connecting anaerobic digesters to the gas network.

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If you install biogas, we provide the connections

The popularity of biogas is booming – turning unwanted waste into energy.

Biogas is produced by anaerobic digestion, landfill or gasification from organic waste. When combusted, the carbon dioxide released is equal to that absorbed from the atmosphere – making it carbon neutral and sustainable.

Supplying biogas to the domestic gas network generates significant income.

At PDI Utilities, we provide all the expertise needed to connect anaerobic digesters – and other biogas facilities – direct to the local gas network.

From excavation and pipework – to metering and commissioning – we can plan and deliver every element.


We deliver:
  • New connections
  • Service alterations and upgrades
  • Service disconnections
  • Metering and quality control installations

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We’re the leading provider of biogas connections in East Anglia, the Midlands and the South East.

We can help designers, consultants and installers with any project – large or small – to supply biogas direct to the gas network.

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We are fully accredited through Lloyd’s Multi Utility Registration Scheme (MURS) to install utilities including gas, water and electricity, as a single or multi utility package, for clients on residential, commercial and industrial developments.